Ulivo Restaurant: Special Menu

In the lush garden of Ulivo Restaurant, as per traditions, also this year, our Chefs propose:Fish and Meat BBQ and Pizza Party.

Friday 7 August: Fish Barbecue

Saturday 8 August: Pizza Party

Sunday 9 August: Meat Barbecue
Reservation are recommended (Te. +39 031 346 111)


Lake Como Weddings

The event dedicated to the relaunch of weddings on Lake Como will take place at Grand Hotel Imperiale, Friday 10th July.
Wedding planner and specialist in fields will discuss the most significant trends and how lock-down has changed habits and behaviors in future couples.
All Guests will be invited to share images and contents on Social Channels using the following hashtag: #LakeComoWeddings2021



Lunch at Imperialino Restaurant

Imperialino Restaurant is also open for lunch.
During the month of July, from Tuesday to Friday, 15% off lunch.
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The Re-Opening

The Grand Hotel Imperiale will reopen on 16th June 2020.
During the closing time, different common areas of the Resort have been refurbished and renovated, in order to guarantee to our guests an increased level of hygienic conditions, luxurious spaces and comfort.
Our great fortune is to have wide internal and external areas, where the distances can be respected without barriers or obstructions in order to offer an elegant and intimate experience with the surroundings of a marvelous landscape.
According to WHO’s directions, our procedures have been increased and enhanced to not compromise the high quality of our standards. We are really confident that the adjustments made brought an increase in the services of the resort, not limiting the existing ones.


Imperiale Spa Chistmas Gift

A very special Gift!

happy holidays!

The Christmas menu is not just made from delicious food. At Imperiale Spa we have revolutionized it in an aesthetic key to offer you packages of true wellness and total relaxation dedicated to Christmas.


New Year's Eve Gran Gala on Lake Como

A “Imperiale” Gran Gala to great the past year.

A rich aperitif served at the bar “della Regina”, an esclusive menu served at the “Ulivo” restaurant, and continue with dances and celebrations.


New Year's Eve Dinner at Imperialino restaurant

Celebrate New Year’s Eve at Imperialino restaurant!

Displays the menu

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Imperialino restaurant: Christmas Lunch

The main event in Christmas day is the Christmas lunch.

Displays the delicious menu by our Chef Ferdinando and discover the authentic taste of Christmas!

Displays the menu

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Gastrolario Expo at Grand Hotel Imperiale

Among the novelties of this year“Gastrolario Expo”: a fair market dedicated to local producers on Saturday 30 November and Sunday 1 December at Grand Hotel Imperiale, where the final gala evening will take place on December 2.

gastrolario-expo-imperiale gastrolario-expo-rassegna

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